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Lottie's page has been updated

Devastated to announce that Buddy aka Bordertrix Maestro was given sleep today (27/09/2014) to save any further suffering. I'm currently too distraught to comment further but will update my website soon

Lottie wins into Grade 4 at Letchworth Agility Show 29/08/2014

Planned Litters page updated >>>

Buddy wins into Grade 3 at Just Dogs Live 04/07/2014

Buddy wins the Agility Club's Starters Agility Challenge Class Large and qualifies for the July 2015 final at Wellingborough Agility Show 05/07/2014

Lottie wins the Agility Club's Starters Agility Challenge Class small, qualifies for the July 2015 final and into Grade 3 at Wellingborough Agility Show 05/07/2014

Very sad to report that Monty (Bordertrix The Joker is Wild) sadly passed away on 14th June 2014 after a sudden illness. His family and all here are gonna miss him terribly, see his page for a tribute to this wonderful, family dog.

Our puppies have now gone to their new homes, pages to follow soon. We are planning our next litter in 2015, see our Planned Litters Page for more information

Jazz and Lottie start their agility careers April 2014 :) and happy to report that in only Lottie's 3rd show, she gets two 1st places taking her straight into grade 2! One class being the Agility Club's Starters Challenge Qualifier!!

At her first ever show Lottie gets a 3rd Place at RVA October 13th 2013 woop woop - and Skye gets placed 5th in her first Grade 2 agility class.

Buddy - Bordertrix Maestro - wins a 1st and into grade 2 at Orchard Summer Agility Show 23/08/2013 AND Skye wins a 3rd Place in the same class, her first full height course in over a year woop woop!

Jazz - Bordertrix Carousel - does her first Heelwork to Music demo 18/08/2013, click here for the link to youtube

Sixx - Bordertrix Unleashed - won out of Grade 1 at Wellingborough DTC by winning both the Jumping and Agility Classes - what an acheivement in their first season :) See Sixx's page for all her current results, now competing at grade 4 after only 2 seasons :)

Buddy wins a 3rd Place at Wellingborough DTC's Agility Show Jumping Combined Grades 1-2 on Saturday 6th July 2013

Jazz gets a VHC in her first Champ Show at East Anglian Border Collie Club May 6th 2013 :-)

Sally-Anne and Buddy get through the first auditions of Who Let The Dogs Out? Next try-out is Sunday 10th March - watch this space! Woop woop!

Sadly they didn't get any further but it was a great day out for us and a fabulous experience :-)

Sally-Anne and Buddy audition for Who Let The Dogs Out on CBBC, February 16th 2013.


Gail & Buddy get a 2nd Place in Combined Grades 1 and 2 in Large Jumping @ Wellingborough 08/07/20122

Hayley & Skye get an 11th Place in Combined Grades 1 and 2 in Large Jumping @ Wellingborough 07/07/2012

Hayley & Skye get a 3rd Place in the Jumping Grade 1 and a 7th Place in Agility Grade 1-2 combined class on 07/06/2012 at JDA Show @ Shuttleworth, plus another 3 clear rounds woop woop!

Buddy & Gail get a 4th Place in the Jumping Grade 1 at JDA Agility Show at Shuttleworth 05/06/2012


Sam, Bordertrix Connoisseur, got placed in 3 out of 3 classes at East Anglian Border Collie Club in May 2012, 2 x 2nds and a 4th in Limit Dog, handled by Hayley woop woop!




About Us

Being the original girl who walked everyone else's dog and was never allowed to have her own, I didn't hesitate to get a dog as soon as I possibly could when I got married. I didn't mind which breed we had so my Husband chose a springer spaniel as he likes gundogs. See Tipsy's Page for a tribute to this cracking dog who started it all for me.

We live in a little town in Northamptonshire with our two girls, who are just as crazy about dogs as I am, and our four dogs, Skye, Buddy, Lottie and Jazz. They are not just dogs to us they are part of our family and we would be lost without them. Therefore I have created this web-site to tell the world how wonderful they are (and their predecessors) and about the huge amount of pleasure they give us. Visit them on their pages from the links above..

I am into anything to do with dogs and have tried three of the most common disciplines; agility, flyball and breedshowing. In 2006 I decided I wanted to fulfil a lifetime's dream and ambition and breed my own litter of puppies. Not an easy task when I was determined to do everything right. I have been a Kennel Club Assured Breeder since February 2008 and have now bred 5 litters of happy and healthy border collies.

I am proud of how far we've come, we are now on our 4th Generation of border collies. Three of our dogs (and more) have qualified for Crufts, even though we show very little now. We are usually placed in Championship Shows and in Open for breed showing. In agility Skye, Buddy and Lottie consistantly gets rosettes with numbers on to add to their Agility Warrant and are progressing through the grades. Jazz has now started her agility career - so watch this space!


Hayley and Skye winning Jumping Grade 1-2 Buddy qualifies for Crufts 2012

(Left) Hayley & Skye (Bordertrix Non But The Brave) (Right) Bordertrix Wild Waves - Bordertrix Non But The Brave - Bordertrix Maestro @ Boston Champ Show January 2011

(Below) Buddy going for Best Pastoral Puppy at Luton Premier Open Show - December 2011 Buddy gets Best Puppy at Luton Canine Assoc 2010



On 2nd June 2012 Hayley became the proud owner of Lottie, our first shetland sheepdog. Hayley has always wanted a sheltie and following Sunnie's death we all needed something positive to look forward to, so, after a lot of research to find the right puppy, Lottie joined our family. She is a lively, young lady and we hope that Hayley and Lottie will have many successes in their career together. Please see Lottie's own page for more information >>>

Jazz joined us too in January 2013, she is Buddy's daughter so we are back to having 3 generations living in our house. Jazz got a 5th Place in Minor Puppy Bitch at her first Champ Show, however, as she is a true workaholic, agility is very much the focus for her and she is showing great promise and just loves being trained. We are also having a go at heelwork to music which she loves and picks up very easily. See Jazz's Page for more info on this cracking little collie >>>>>>


Photos of us enjoying our dogs!
showing our rosettes after a good day at agility


Skye with muscles


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